imageCentral coast wedding photographer

hello all! i am a central coast wedding and portrait photographer. i never knew the love i had for capturing memories until someone put a camera in my hands.

interacting with people in their everyday lives is so joyful and finding the beauty of it all through a lens is exciting! i look forward to all my shoots and moments i get to share with people. i feel that i am here to capture the beauty in emotions and savor the love between families through photographs.

image image



  1. Hello Kendall Loree, these are very well taken photos you have, and I’m not just saying that to be nice the lighting is amazing. I actually see a lot of wedding photos because My wife’s Family has a wedding venue that they have here on the central coast called Spanish Oaks Ranch. You may have been there or heard of it, but We do a lot of weddings on the ranch and I’m sure you could get some great photos out there. I hope you the best in your photo career and if you would like to set up some business cards or advertising with Spanish oaks Ranch let me know, nothing like supporting local talent.


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